Some Healthy and Yet Tasty Breakfast for You to try

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after hours of sleeping. What you eat for breakfast can help you start your day and give you a boost of energy or make you want to fall back asleep. Eating and cooking healthy breakfasts can be simple, give you the energy you need, and most importantly, taste great.

Breakfast can be so much more than just a bowl of cereal or a shake. Start your day with Daily Kneads healthy breakfast mix recipes - Healthy yet tasty breakfast recipes for you to try.

One of the most repeated breakfast in the Northern part of India is aloo paratha. Make a perfect and delicious aloo paratha using Daily Kneads specialty flour. At Daily kneads the choicest of the grains are picked from the wheat treasury of Punjab and the other grains are grown in the fertile soils of Theni in Tamil Nadu. Daily Kneads flour is a protein-packed concoction of nutrition made from wheat, channa, bamboo rice, corn, peanuts, and black rice husk. Serve with some Daily Kneads flavored butter on the side, along with mango pickle or lemon pickle or dal makhani or some fresh curd (yogurt).

Daily Kneads presents Ready to Cook Chapatis made with our classic in-house fresh flours. With a mere five days of shelf life when refrigerated at 5 degrees C, it gives freshness, taste, and the advantage of being a healthy option. Cook it at home to ensure viruses are kept at bay and serve fresh with our variety of flavored butter to give your chapatis a twist in taste! Made from a wholesome nutrition package, Daily Kneads’ chapatis are well balanced with the multi-grain combination. A protein-rich chapati with Whole Wheat, Channa, Bamboo rice, Corn, Peanuts, and Black rice husk is good for weight loss, a hale heart, and a happy tummy!

Oatmeals are a great complex source of carbs and fiber to keep you energized and full. Add some Daily Kneads cinnamon and honey-flavored butter to provide a dose of both protein and healthy fat. Daily Kneads honey is procured from the best hives and has the flavor of wilderness, embarking the pleasant fragrance from the barks of cinnamon skillfully amalgamated into the soft texture of pure butter from the best farmers. Also adding a touch of natural sweetness like sliced bananas or frozen berries to the fiber quotient and providing essential nutrients like vitamin C and A.

One of the best things is that these recipes are tasty and healthy breakfast mix as well. Now cooked a healthy breakfast and shake off the thoughts of the scary sneaky peaky Monday mornings.

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