Tried millet pancake it was yummy and healthy breakfast

Lalitha, Home Maker

Millet power is really good n very tasty compared to other normal atta's and I find it a much healthier option for both kids n adults and I find it is one of the best ways to take different types of millets in one form which has multiple benefits n nutritional value.

Fazeen, Home Maker

I have recently come across millet power flour and native grains flour, made chapati and Paratha out of it, which came out to be super soft as well as delicious in taste. This is such a healthy alternative of normal flour which is made keeping in mind to add nutrition value to one's health. I am really looking forward to trying new recipes using this flour.  Kids like it the best.

Priya Niket, Home Maker

I tried the Native Grains flour and really liked it. The flour was very easy to knead and the chapatis rolled out beautifully. Flavourful chapatis which remained soft in an airtight box even the next day. The fact that it is wholegrain with millets is an added bonus! I am certainly buying this again!

Dr.Anita Nagadi, Radiologist

Used the millet flour to make chapathis. Though while initially I could feel the coarseness of the flour but by the time I finished kneading it became really soft and was easy to roll out. The chappathis came out nice ... Without any oil or ghee .... nice taste

Sreelatha, Home Maker

Superb quality and taste, The quality and softness of the atta is excellent, best atta I ever had. Just a single bite is enough to feel the difference from other atta.

Hafeez, Bangalore

One of the healthiest flour I have ever tried. It helps in boosting immunity helps to maintain important nutrients in body. Plus it tastes amazing while rotis remaining soft even hours after preparing them. one of the healthiest flour one should try.

Hemalatha, Home Maker

The bamboo rice and millet blend atta options are excellent. The breads baked have superb aroma and taste. A healthy option definitely.

Vanita, Brigade Gateway, Bangalore

When I can say, the pic says it all, The hot Roti's with a dollop of ghee melts into ur mouth. The millet power and Native grains did enhance my pallet. There is a taste quite different from regular Roti's but in a nice way.

Neetu, Prestige Garden Bay, Yelahanka