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    Organic Bamboo Rice

    Natural Bamboo rice from Daily Kneads is your best choice for a traditional bamboo porridge or a nutritious meal. Puttu, Kanji, Idly, and Payasam are native bamboo rice recipes from southern and eastern India. In Northeast India, it is a delicious delicacy.

    Daily Kneads takes pride in presenting you with premium quality organic bamboo rice from western ghats and north-eastern parts of India. Ours is a 100% natural product with no preservatives, harmful additives, colors, or chemicals.

    The specialty of our natural bamboo rice 

    Also known as Mulayari, our organic bamboo rice comes straight from the tribes living in the forest for decades. They collect the seeds of flowering bamboo trees that are the tallest herbs nearing the end of their life. These seeds are called bamboo rice. 

    This variety of rice isn't available commonly. Bamboo releases loads of seeds and flowers, but they mature only after 40-60 years of life and eventually die after blooming with flowers. They become a nutritious organic food choice as humans can't grow the rice separately and artificially.

    Daily Kneads packs this item with the utmost hygienic process. The packaging of natural bamboo rice retains its aroma, flavor, and essence. Not to mention that we use a nature-friendly packaging process only.

    The health benefits: Bamboo rice comes with endless benefits, which justifies why they are costly and high in demand. 

    Ideal for women: Native bamboo rice is rich in the vitamin B complex. Since it is a good source of vitamin B6, it helps pregnant women to fulfill their lack of vitamin deficiency. The nutrition content also helps deal with menstrual disorders.

    Benefits old age people: Organic bamboo rice has high fiber and potassium content. It contributes to an increase in bone strength, control of joint, back, and rheumatic pain. Ideal for those individuals who are suffering from arthritis. 

    Good for diabetic individuals: One can say that it is anti-diabetic bamboo rice. It has more protein than ordinary rice and wheat. Low GI value bamboo rice is available at Daily Kneads at the best prices. Low glycemic diets are suited for people with diabetes as it helps manage long-term blood glucose.

    Beats constipation: Low GI bamboo rice has a richness of dietary fiber. With regular intake, one can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. It can also avoid constipation. 

    Enhances Fertility: In the Kani tribe of Kanyakumari, the researchers conducted a study on the health benefits of native bamboo rice eaters. Researchers found that consumption of this seed led to the enhanced reproductive ability of the tribe.

    High in Phosphorus: Bamboo seeds are so rich in phosphorus that they beat any variety of rice in this category. Phosphorus helps in bones and teeth formation, determines the use of carbohydrates and fats in a body, helps accumulate more protein for different functional purposes, and combines with Vitamin B complex that has further benefits.

    Boost cardiovascular health: If someone consumes this superfood regularly, they can lower their risk of getting affected by any cardiovascular disease. Healthy bamboo rice has high fiber content that deals with bad cholesterol in our body. It also maintains blood pressure.

    Improving brain health: Because of its richness in vitamins B complex, Organic bamboo rice strengthens the nervous system and nerve health. It is a superfood for its richness in antioxidants and minerals. These are responsible for the holistic development of both the brain and the body.

    How is organic bamboo rice different from other rice?

    In terms of look, traditional bamboo rice seeds look similar to paddy. Simple paddy rice has gluten, whereas ours is gluten-free bamboo rice. 

    They can replace paddy as well. One can make Instant bamboo rice, just like traditional paddy. The bamboo rice recipe of dal, sambar, and rice kheer is delicious. One cooks this bamboo rice kheer or porridge during auspicious occasions. Pongal or khichdi made with ready to cook bamboo rice also tastes dreamy. Do give them a try!

    Instant bamboo rice recipe

    • Soak our diabetic care bamboo rice for at least 12 hours with enough water before you start cooking. Cooked bamboo rice comes with a nice chewy texture, just like regular unpolished rice.
    • If you are cooking it in a pressure cooker, let it whistle 6-8 times. Please make sure the water used for soaking organic bamboo rice is pure water only. Do not use salty water for this process.
    • Dessert: If you have a sweet tooth but want to control your sugar intake, why not try this anti-diabetic bamboo rice recipe. Take a bowl, put overnight soaked bamboo rice, mix it with banana and jaggery, and steam it in a banana leaf. It is ready!

    Note:  Native bamboo rice comes with a strong aroma, like grass. It also has a pungent smell, but it still tastes quite sweet when cooked properly.