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Black Kavuni Rice - 1 Kg (500 gms x 2 bundle offer)

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    Organic Black Kavuni Rice Porridge/ Congee Mix

    Daily Kneads offers you a healthy black rice porridge mix that you can use whenever you are hungry for an instant healthy meal. Instant food recipes are usually popular, but one cannot guarantee their health quotient. However, this instant black rice congee mix is easy to digest, delicious in taste, and nutritious too. 

    Our Ready-mix black rice congee is just not crushed Kavuni rice. It has the goodness of Black Kavuni rice, green gram, jeera, Himalayan salt, barnyard millet, and fenugreek. With Daily Kneads, not only do you get nutrition on your plate, but you also get an unforgettable taste. Add value to your diet with this superfood today!

    Of course, like all our other products, Daily Kneads packs this 100% natural food congee mix with utmost hygiene. There are no additives, chemicals, preservatives, or food color. This product is sourced directly from Tamilnadu and other parts of India. It is a gluten-free food congee that everyone must incorporate into their diet. 

    What gives organic black rice porridge its pink/ purple color?

    Welcome the star component of instant black rice congee mix, Anthocyanin. It gives the black rice its color and fragrance. Not every grain item you see has a color that gives this healthy food porridge different aesthetics. This pigment provides the rice with its black/ purple/ pink color.

    Anthocyanin is a natural pigment found in black rice and many other fruits, vegetables, which gives them different colors. It is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. These free radicals are a byproduct of the oxygen metabolism process that harms our living cells and tissues. It also gives the traditional black Kavuni rice anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties.

    Why choose Black Kavuni rice porridge over white rice porridge?

    Anti Diabetic black rice porridge is not just different in color. It beats white rice porridge as it also has antioxidant properties and more nutrients than white rice. Studies have shown that consuming organic black rice thrice a week when mixed with brown/red rice (calorie-restricted diet) helps reduce body fat percentage in our body, while white rice products can't achieve this feat.

    Consumption of Low GI black Kavuni rice congee mix also prevents type 2 diabetes and is helpful for those who are finding it hard to get diabetes-friendly food. On the other hand, doctors do not recommend white rice for diabetic patients. On top of all these benefits, one can cook organic black rice porridge mix as simple as white rice porridge, which gives more reasons to replace the diet with this superfood.

    Some properties that make natural black Kavuni rice congee mix suitable for all

    Reasons to incorporate this food item into our diet are many! Here we list down some of them.

    • Antidiabetic food porridge: If you are looking for diabetic care food, this one tops the list of organic products with this property. Organic black rice porridge has high dietary fiber. It takes a longer time to digest. Suger from digestion gets released into the bloodstream slowly, and thus the sudden insulin spikes in the blood are avoided. That's why it is suitable for diabetic care. 

    • Gluten-free food congee: People diagnosed with coeliac disease have to stay clear of gluten-based food items such as wheat, barley, etc. Even though it is not hard to find naturally gluten-free food items, slight ignorance can harm their gut. Gluten-free black Kavuni rice porridge gives you a proper meal without putting your gut health at risk.

    • Low GI congee mix for heart health: Glycemic index indicates how quickly carbohydrate-containing foods can spike your blood glucose levels. Foods with High GI can hinder the goal of low cholesterol and weight loss, apart from less blood sugar and diabetes prevention. Even though native black Kavuni rice porridge is a grain, it is a Low GI food congee, making it apt for improving cardiovascular health. 

    How to make instant black Kavuni rice porridge? 

    Homemade black rice porridge is a popular recipe in Tamilnadu and other southern parts of India. Do you want to add nutrition to your diet or prepare a meal for a person dealing with chronic issues like high cholesterol and diabetes? We highly recommend Low GI black rice recipes.


    • Daily Kneads black Kavuni Rice porridge/ Congee Mix 
    • Water 
    • Salt
    • Pepper


    • In a pan, pour three tablespoons of the mixture.
    • Add a glass of water (~150 ml). 
    • Now, mix it well to remove lumps. 
    • Keep the pan open and cook it on medium heat for 3-5 minutes. 
    • At last, add salt and pepper as per your preference.


    • Do not pour the whole water at once, as it can form lumps.
    • Add milk/ buttermilk to enhance the taste
    • One can use chopped coriander, crushed and roasted peanuts, garlic, onions, sauteed mushrooms, and others as toppings.