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    Organic Hand Pounded Mapillai Samba Rice

    Daily Kneads understands how our diet has turned nutrition-less and carbs filled today. Keeping this in mind, our brand brings a variety of red rice, organic hand-pounded mapillai samba rice to you at an affordable price. Many kinds of nutritious red rice are available indigenously, and mapillai samba rice, a red rice species from Tamilnadu, is one of them.

    Hand pounded rice retains all the nutrients of organic red rice, unlike polished white rice, which gets stripped of nutrients in the polishing process. It has fibre, vitamin B1, zinc, and iron that ease digestion, heal stomach and mouth ulcers, contribute to haemoglobin production, improve immunity and stamina, and strengthen muscles and nerves.

    An intriguing tale behind the organic mapillai samba rice

    The meaning of the Tamil phrase Mapillai Samba means "bridegroom rice". As per folklore, a newly married man has to show his bravery through sports that test physical and mental strength. In one of such games, the newlywed bridegroom has to lift a heavy rock to display his toughness. For his success, the mother-in-law would feed the native red rice. As everyone knew, the native red rice would give enough strength and nutrition to stay focused and successfully win the game. Hence it got its name "the bridegroom rice".

    Why have hand-pounded Mapillai Samba Rice recipe in your next meal? 

    This entirely vegetarian option is best for your next meal as it suits almost all kinds of diet. For a balanced meal with all nutrients, start including organic mapillai samba rice portions daily. An average healthy red rice recipe will have these benefits: 

    • Reduces risk of diabetes

    Red rice offers anti-diabetic food recipes. It ranks low in the glycemic index, which explains that Handpounded red rice is a diabetic care food with low GI. It slowly digests, and that's why the sugar slowly gets into the bloodstream, making it a healthy option for diabetic patients.

    • Helpful for people suffering from coeliac disease

    People with the coeliac disease develop an immune reaction to gluten, a protein found in many food items we eat. By consuming gluten-filled foods, their small intestinal lining gets damaged after inflammation. 

    The solution to such a disease is to have a diet that doesn't involve gluten. Ours is a gluten-free mapillai samba rice that people with such complications can easily consume and digest. Red rice is naturally gluten-free, due to which one can directly consume the hand-pounded mapillai samba rice recipe. 

    • The goodness of hand pounded food.

    The white rice we consume or see in the grocery shop is polished rice. When paddy comes from the farm, it goes through hulling (husk removed) and milling (barn removed). Due to polishing, the rice loses its barn, after which we get white rice, which is ready to cook. 

    During hulling and milling, rice grain is stripped out of all major nutrients, leaving only starch with it. Organic hand-pounded red rice doesn't go through this process. Tools such as stone grinders, mortar & pestle are employed to get hand-pounded red rice. Due to pounding, the husk gets separated, some rice grains break, and some of the barns get separated. However, it still retains most of the nutrients.

    By using an organic method, Daily Kneads ensures that their consumers get completely organic food that retains all its nutrients naturally.

    • Easily manage blood pressure.

    Sodium constricts veins and arteries, which will increase the stress on the cardiovascular system. It can cause heart attacks and strokes. Hand Pounded Mapillai Rice is low in sodium, which is why those who have a problem with high blood pressure and hypertension can consume it in their meal. One can lower sodium content by making it a part of their meal.

    • Promotes weight loss

    Like black rice, organic red rice also has the property to keep you satiated for a long time. It slowly digests and steadily enters your bloodstreams, thereby making you feel satisfied for a long time. If you want to lose weight while eating all your meals, hand-pounded red rice is your best bet.

    How to make a hand-pounded red rice recipe?

    Hand pounded mapillai samba rice recipe includes idli, dosa, Upma, Pongal, etc. however, one can also cook and eat it as plain white rice. 

    • Rinse rice in water, soak it for 1.5 hours.
    • In a vessel, boil water thrice that of rice.
    • Add the soaked rice slowly to it, keep the flame low.
    • If the water gets evaporated even though the rice hasn't cooked properly, add more water until it is well cooked. 
    • It takes 1/2 to 3/4 hours for organic red rice to entirely cook. 
    • Separate the water, and keep utilising this water for drinking, kneading dough, and other such works that require water. It has high nutrition value, do not throw it away.